Our Story

The Cocktail Pickers was born when Cocktail lover and founder Jen had a house full on Christmas Day and wanted to serve Cocktails.

"At the time I had an estate agency business and would break up for Christmas late on Christmas Eve. I just assumed that I would be able to go out and buy some great Cocktails to serve to my guests. I reluctantly bought what was on the shelves and was very disappointed with the quality. I literally couldn't believe that you could not buy good quality batched cocktails. I then went out buying the different ingredients ad started mixing my own, but it was costly, messy and created a fair amount of waste. The following year I sold my business in a bid to fund the project and just over a year later we launched.

The project has not been a straight forward one, as fresh and totally natural batched cocktails had never been put into a bottle before. Everyone insisted that we needed to add preservatives but I wouldn't back down. I wanted to develop bar quality, premium Cocktails that people could drink at home without all the fuss and mess. I also didn't want them to be full of sugar. Eventually I built a strong team who totally understood what I wanted to achieve and from that point on it was 12 weeks until the bottles were on the shelves. "

2016 The Cocktail Pickers was born