Cheesies we LOVE you!

We've absolutely loved working with Cheesies on our first ever subscription box! We have had such such great feedback from their lovely snacks and we wanted to find out more. So we caught up with the lovely Maddy from the Cheesies team to pick her brains on how this fabulous product came about!! 

Welcome Cheesies! Tell us your background and how the idea came about….

The idea for Cheesies was actually first written on a napkin whilst our founders, David and Craig had lunch.

So tell us about your flavours and how are Cheesies made?

Cheesies are made quite simply by drying and baking cubes of cheese, which make them crunchy and outrageously tasty. Cheesies are available in Cheddar, Red Leicester, Gouda, Goat’s Cheese and Emmental, 20g and 60g packs.

We understand that you have recently launched but can you can give us a sneak peek into what you’ve got planned for the future?

BIG THINGS. Cheesies has had an incredibly successful start (we’re just over a year old), and we have lots planned for the future, including new product and generally improving and growing the brand.

We love the concept that the product is high protein and Keto. Can you tell us more about this?

Yep, Cheesies are carb free and are high in protein, this is perfect for those on a keto diet as it’s really hard to find keto snacks. The Cheesies team are currently doing a 1 month keto diet challenge, and we’re finding it really tough to find things to snack on – Thank god for Cheesies.

We’ve heard that Cheesies are a great edition to recipes. Can you share a favorite recipe with us?

Cheesies make a delicious add on to any recipe, especially if you’re looking for some crunch. You can check out our website for more recipes, but we’ve included a recipe we think will pair really well with gin. Crunchy Keto Fajitas.

Obviously we can buy cheesies on your website but where else can we find you listed?

Of course, but you can also find Cheesies on Amazon and in selected Holland and Barrett stores…and soon to be expanding.

Fancy giving them a try? Use code cheesecocktail on check out for 15% off!!