ANNOUNCEMENT New Cocktail Club Launch

Since Launching The Cocktail Pickers Club nearly 4 years ago, its always been a big focus to keep creative and fresh. To date we have experienced amazing success with our 'Perfectly Batched Cocktails' and have been extremely lucky to have been supported by some of the best independent retailers throughout the Uk from Booths to smaller Farmshops and delis. We have worked tirelessly gaining traction at events, and have gained a super following of Cocktail lovers!   

March 2020 presented us with a brand new challenge with the dreaded 'Covid' as events were cancelled literally overnight. After 24 hours of 'panic mode' it was time to reposition The Cocktail Pickers Club with a view that we might not see events again for the year. It was time to focus on our social presence and website. 

We have been very lucky to have been supported by many new and existing customers (we like to call Pickers Family) with web orders whilst we worked on a big new shiny project. Something that we have dreamt about from get go, but never had the time to execute! 

Welcome on the 'Limited Batched Club'

August is set to see the first box of our new Bi monthly subscription Cocktail Club and we just can't wait. We just love how sociable Cocktails are, so we decided to come up with the idea of, every other month, launching a new flavour and pairing it with lovely garnishes and snacks. This gives us the opportunity to get creative with flavours and collaborate with some awesome other businesses too! 

Join our Limited Batched, Cocktail subscription box, where you will be the first to receive brand new flavours of our Cocktail innovations.

Included in your box you will receive:

1x 700ml bottle, garnishes for your flavour, 1-2 complimentary snacks and 15% discount off further Cocktail purchases. FREE Delivery

Your first purchase payment will be collected immediately on sign up with subsequent payments collected on the first of the month, 7 days prior to delivery shipment date. Boxes are strictly limited and subject to availability. Monthly subscription price inclusive of delivery. 

Bi Monthly Box dates

First Box due: W/C 24th August 

October, December, February, April, June

Love Cocktails? Join the club! FREE Delivery